Gretchen Cosgrove, LMT
balance breath integration

  I am a licensed massage therapist and energy healer currently seeing clients in Cobleskill and Cooperstown, NY. I received my NY State license in massage therapy in 2013 and began my study of different energy techniques the same year. My work combines massage and energy healing, tailored to the individual client.

My intention is to be fully present with my clients and to do my best to understand where they are coming from, whether they've experienced massage and energy healing before or are trying this work for the first time. I meet each client with openness, respect and compassion and honor their individuality.

My approach is just as each client is an individual, so each session is entirely unique. I combine traditional massage techniques with energetic healing to create an environment where my client can find the space to breathe, realign and rejuvenate. It's not my role to "fix" my client or "heal" my client; my clients find their own healing paths. But I assist them, I support them by opening and holding a space where they can access the healing that they need.

My goal is to help people realize the benefits of massage and energy work on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. All aspects of the individual are impacted by this type of work. And the combined benefit of realigning our mind-body-spirit connection allows us to feel more balanced, more at peace with ourselves, more whole.


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